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During the session with Audrey I felt excited, intrigued, and surprised. Mainly because, how specific  and accurate the details were. In the beginning I wasn't sure what to expect but was so happy to have the opportunity to talk and listen to what she was able to share with me.


I never had a reading before but was very open to the possibility of hearing what Audrey would say. She quickly drove in with accuracy, noting I am a creative person and that school is my focus at the moment. I currently work as an architect and I'm going to school for another profession.
The entire 25 minutes session passed by as if it was 2 minutes. I did not interrupt and let her speak and she was extremely fluid and spot on with things. She asked me if I had any questions I simply said I body issues and she immediately pointed out that I was a curvy person (wow) which I am  and I should embrace my curves!
I had never told anyone that I was thinking of leaving New York but she immediately noted that California would be a better fit for me. I had visited San Diego about four years ago and it was the only place that I had ever gone where I felt as if I belonged.
The reading ended with me having a smile on my face and feeling calm and happy. I look forward to another reading with Audrey in the future.


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